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Dec 12

ASP.Net 1.1, ASP.Net 2, PHP 4 & PHP 5

ASP.Net, PHP, Windows Hosting  Comments Off on ASP.Net 1.1, ASP.Net 2, PHP 4 & PHP 5

Do you know that you can use ASP.Net 1.1, ASP.Net 2, PHP 4 & PHP 5 on your hosting account?

Yes, you can use ASP.Net 1.1, ASP.Net 2, PHP 4 & PHP 5 simultaneously. They are installed on all Windows servers. So if you have windows hosting account with us, you can now experiment with those 4 versions at the same time ;)

In order to use them, you must first select the version you want in your hosting control panel.

  1. Login to control panel and choose Web Options.
  2. If you have more than 1 domain then choose which domain you want.
  3. Change the version
    Change to ASP.NET2 & PHP5

That’s it. You can start playing with all 4 versions, which ever you want ;)

Dec 10

.INFO Domains for only IDR17,500! ($2)

Domain Name, Promos & Special Offers  4 Comments

.INFO is your opportunity to reach a worldwide audience with information about you, your ideas, or your business and it is currently being used by millions of Internet users. You purchase .INFO domains at an unbelievable pricing of IDR17,500! ($2)


  • This scheme applies to all new .INFO Domain Names registered for the first year of their Registration.
    Therefore, a 2 year .INFO Domain Name will be charged at [IDR17,500 + IDR80,000].
  • Renewals and Transfers will not attract this special pricing.

Promo End Date – 27 December 2007.

Order Now!

Dec 03 – Watch & Download YouTube Videos Easily!

Announcement  2 Comments

We are proud to present our new website Watch U Online .com where you can watch & download YouTube videos easily. On this website you can browse, watch and download all the video files from YouTube and save them in your computer.

Why browse Why not directly go to YouTube?

Because YouTube does not provide you the facility to download the video files (*.flv) from their website. Only on our website you can download the video files (*.flv) and save it in your computer and watch the video whenever you want without having to connect to internet. You may also need to download FLV Player in order to watch the video.

Hope you like our new website ;)

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